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I have never seen my eyebrows look so amazing! As someone who has extremely sensitive skin I was skeptical to have my brows threaded since I normally break out from waxing and plucking. Not only was the price great so was the service!

Please open a store in Malibu!! :)


Alex M.


Lilly did my cousin's bridal hair and makeup back in October 2007 and my cousin looked amazing so when we met Lilly's Beauty World at Vivah South Asian Wedding Expo 2012, my sister pretty much knew who she was going to book for her upcoming wedding (September 2013). So far, my sister has had her bridal consultation and trial and thus far Lilly and Jasmine have both been great to work with. My sister's bridal trial came out exactly as she had hoped. Lilly and Jasmine both really listened to what my sister was looking for and accentuated upon it. Since her trial was in the morning we even got to test out how well her hair and makeup would last throughout the day. And despite all that my sister did that wedding planning busy and hot Saturday, she did not look like a hot mess at the end of the day!

Speaking of the morning appointment, Lilly and Jasmine were extremely busy the morning we stepped in and despite all that was going on in the salon, they were both extremely accommodating to assist all their clients and all their extra/unexpected needs. There was even a girl who showed up about 35 minutes late for her 10am appointment and even though there is a sign on the salon door which states something along the lines of, "If you are 15 or more minutes late, please reschedule your appointment" she was still accommodated despite her tardiness and tight schedule to make an event at 11:45.

All in all, so far my sister, Mom and I have had a great experience with Lilly's Beauty World and I am happy to recommend the salon. Lilly and Jasmine are a great Mother/Daughter team.

Additional Comments:
Location - Lilly's Beauty World is easy to find and a clean salon. Its a corner house off of Quimby Road. There is a nice pathway which leads you to the salon which is on the right (Quimby Road facing) side of the house.
Appointments - Though I do not believe the salon is By Appointment Only, I would utilize the online appointment system on the website because they have a lot of regulars!



Anisha S.



Lilly is customer oriented, puts us at ease and adapts to any particular requests one may have. I highly recommend her for hair color and cuts and threading.


Corina Ramirez


I wish I could give them 10 stars!!! Lilly and Jasmine did my hair and make up (along with the hair and make up for my sisters and mom) on my wedding day this past weekend. Lilly also did some of my "leading up to the wedding" appointments (color touch up, hair cut, etc.). I am SO happy with the results. I loved my wedding look and reception look! They had plenty of time to finish everyone and we were all so happy. I had about an hour to get ready in between my wedding and reception and Lilly and Jasmine were already waiting in my room when I got there. I felt so pretty, pampered and taken care of. I would highly recommend them to any bride. They do a great job of listening to the look you want and executing it. They also are able to do things like touch up threading, etc. on the wedding morning. Use them!!!


Vaishali G.


I've been going Lilly to get my eyebrows threaded for awhile now. I recently came to her for a haircut and was very pleased with the outcome. She cut my hair just how I asked her to. 
Lilly is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I never had to wait more than 5 minutes after I arrived. I also love how appointments are made online through her website. It is much more convenient than trying to figure out over the phone a time and date that works for the both of you. 
In general, I really like going here because of the convenience and the quality of the service.


Helen N.


I came to know about Lilly's Beauty Parlor through my daughter.  Let's just say Lilly and all of her services are FANTASTIC! Lilly is really sweet, friendly, and works with a constant smile on her face.  She is affordable and always makes me look my best. 

I would definitely recommend her for all the beauty services she provides




This is definitely a long over-due review! I had my wedding last year in November. I had my wedding in San Jose - but I lived 4 hours away. I had not met Lilly until the day before my wedding when I had my trial done. I was initially worried about not having my trial done by her ahead of time, however, to my pleasant surprise, she and her daughter did a fantastic job. Lilly is also a really sweet person and VERY understanding - she really listened to what & how I wanted my hair & makeup done. I already knew what I wanted and she quickly understood and did my hair & makeup exactly how I wanted it if not better! I'm very happy with how my hair & makeup came out in pictures/video! I would totally recommend her to everyone!

Thanks again for the great job!



They did great job. I had mine bridal makeup done by her few years ago n she changed my look n I have been admired by each and everyone. Lily you are jus amazing. Keep it up..


Pam K.


Lilly beauty salon is awesome I go there on a regular basis for hair touch up and color. Lilly is very  professional treats you well and does great work. I would highly recommend Lilly beauty salon she has been in business for 27 years and was a master stylist from JC Penny Salon

Rekha G.


This is a business in a house. Lilly has a parlor in the back completely dedicated for her work.She is very friendly.she has a way with hair. I trust her completely for a good haircut. She was recommended by a friend and I go to her for haircuts and eyebrows. Very professional. I would also recommend her for hair styles and makeup. I have seen her work and she creates wonders. I have friends who drive 35 miles to get a haircut from her. Also, please make an appointment and show up on time. She is very busy and famous.

Shruthi M.


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